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Upcoming tiger Rock events

Last week was AWESOME! Most of our students earned their forms and Integrity stripes. This week our focus is on sparring and 1-steps.
STOP… Don’t buy Valentines cards! I have 5000 coming for you all. I will have them in stacks of 30 for each one of your classes?
DO YOU FOLLOW THE ACADEMY ON FACEBOOK OR YOUTUBE? This is a great way to stay connected and up to date!

ONE MONTH UNTIL TESTING! Lets get ready to earn that next belt!
NEXT WEEK: Mid-Cycle Evaluation week
During next week we will evaluate everyone for testing readiness. It is SUPER IMPORTANT that you make 2-3 lessons next week.

TESTING: Mark your calendar today!!
Wednesday February 10th: Black Belt Testing
Thursday February 11th: All other test
Friday February 12th: Cubs and Awards

Saturday March 19th is our tournament. We are still working on a facility but we are hoping to have it here in town. I need everyone to have the last opportunity to compete before we train for the World Championships in Baton Rouge July 23rd. We want to peak at the right time and this tournament is HUGE for us as competitors.

We have 6 of our parents taking advantage of the free month. It's not too late..join us!!!!!!!!

See you on the mat this week!

Kyle Church
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www.churchstkd.com (local)
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