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Back on the mat

Hey Team,

We just got back from our annual franchise summit in Birmingham. We have so many great things coming up and I am so excited to be a part of this great organization.

What is this? Does it mean me?
This is an evaluation week to prepare all of our students for the upcoming rank exam. We will watch you perform your testing material and make recommendations. One recommendation we may have is a private lesson. If we recommend that, we feel you need some one on one to clean up some things prior to your test. Its important that if you receive a private lesson sticker that we set that up ASAP. Testing will be Wednesday 2.10 for Black Belts, Thursday 2.11 for everyone else, and 2.12 will be Tiger Cubs test and Awards and all Awards.

White belts will get a letter testing...Yellow belts will receive a letter about sparring gear and black belts will get your belt order form. Parents, make sure to look for your letter this week.

Show us that you want that next belt this week while you train!

Valentines cards will be here on Thursday! Parents feel free to grab a free stack of cards for your child's class.

We are also planning a Valentines/Jedi Camp for Sat Feb 13th. Keep your eye out for that

I am so excited about this week! See you all soon!

Kyle Church 770-704-7902 www.TigerRockMartialArts.com (global) www.churchstkd.com (local) Church's Tiger Rock Academy 2228 Holly Springs Pkwy Ste 200 Canton GA 30115


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