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Tiger Rock Weekly

Dear Team,
It’s getting closer! TOURNAMENT IS IN 2 and a half WEEKS!!! I am going to try to make this email as simple as possible. PLEASE ASK IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS! I don’t want you to have content without context. Call or email us back with questions!

We are a competitive school! We attend 3 tournaments a year. This one is awesome because I am the host academy. This is a wonderful opportunity to wake and attend without travel. We want every student to participate if they can. There are always things that come up and we understand that. We just don’t want the students to cop out of the experience. Some will say they are scared, some will say they are not ready. Those are both easy things to overcome. I have a plan over the next 2 weeks that will prepare everyone for the event!

• Special Friday night classes this week! Regular Youth and Cubs class. During the HYPER times we will teach you how to put together a free design form! This is a free class for anyone attending the tournament. Try to work out your schedule this week and make these special lessons (if its for your rank).

WHITE OUT STARTS Next Week! We go to full uniform next week in preparation for the tournament.

Deadline to register for the tournament is Sunday March 13th! Let us know if you are going so we can give you your tournament stripe early on in the week. Just make sure to register by Sunday the 13th. Thanks!!!

GOAL: 10 lessons between now and tournament (over the next 2 weeks).

PARENTS…WE WILL BE ASKING SOME OF YOU FOR YOUR HELP THIS WEEK! We are going to have you help score points in sparring and judge forms. If you are willing to help, just be ready for me when we step out in the lobby. Thanks ahead of time and we wont have you judge your kids!

We will have to make 2 orders by this Friday.
1. XP uniforms for anyone competing in XP.
2. We will order the Tiger Rock mom shirts in a size if you need one.

Kyle Church 770-704-7902
www.TigerRockMartialArts.com (global)
www.churchstkd.com (local)


Church's Tiger Rock Academy
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