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Schools Out but We're not!

This is testing week 6 of 8


School is out but we are not! Regular schedule all week and youth (ages 11-15) are invited to the adult noon class on Monday and Wednesday


We are also holding a fun Friday!! $20 10am-2pm We will hold a full TKD class and spend the rest of the day having fun! You can respond to this email and we can charge your card on file or sign up when we see you this week.


Three weeks until testing!!! Are you ready? If you have your Community, Forms, and Sparring Stripes then yes you are! If not let’s get those this week to make sure we are prepared.


We are also testing for our Breaking Stripes this week and will be awarding Ready to Test stripes as well.


Out of town? No worries just come extra next week and we will make sure you are good for testing.


White out next week. This will be the last week of training in DriFits and full uniform for the last 2 weeks of the cycle.


Also with our R15E program we want you to turn in your goal sheets this week!


DISTRICT TOURNAMENT: November 12 here at the Woodstock Academy! Woodstock vs. Holly Springs The beginning of the 2017 season! Registration is open. Anyone who registers early will be invited to a free tournament prep seminar on Friday October 21st! Keep an eye out for the email tomorrow afternoon.


Testing: Oct 6 All Blue-Black Belts Oct 7th All White-Green Belts October 10th Tiger Cubs


Join us for a special strength and conditioning class this Sat at 9 am! All adults are welcome. Bring friends.


This cycle our tenet is community


COMMUNITY- is the area I live in. I choose to be a positive part of my community by using the tenets outside the academy.





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