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[Event] District Tournament - Kyle Church Tiger Rock Martial Arts

Kyle Church Tiger Rock Martial Arts wants to remind you of an upcoming event

District Tournament

Starts Nov 12
Register NOW for the Fall District Tournament! Earn your chance to compete in the 2017 Master's Invitational!


*Tiger Cubs, Forms, and One Steps/Sparring will be the only competitions


Fall Districs will be held at Bowens Tiger Rock: 1025 Rose Creek Drive Woodstock


Friday 11.11

6:00 PM Set up and judge's meeting


7:00 PM Opening Ceremony & Weapons Exhibition Adult Black Belt Competition




Saturday 11.12

9:00 AM Junior Green Belts (ages 5-7)


9:45 AM Junior Green Belts (ages 8-11)


10:30 AM Junior Blue Belts (ages 5-7) & Youth White – Yellow Belts (ages 12-15)


11:00 AM Junior Blue Belts (ages 8-11)


11:45 AM Junior 1st – 3rd Degree Black Belts (ages 6-11)


12:15 PM Junior White & Yellow Belts (ages 6-11)


1:00 PM Tiger Cubs


1:45 PM Junior Brown and Red Belts (ages 6-11)


2:45 PM Youth Brown and Red Belts (ages 12-15)


3:30 PM Youth Green and Blue Belts (ages 12-15)


4:00 PM Youth 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Degree Black Belts (ages 12-15)


4:45 PM Youth 1st Degree Black Belts (ages 12-15)


5:45 Adult Men & Women White-Red Belts (ages 16+)


You can view this event here:



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