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This Week at Tiger Rock

Hey TR Families!

Good Afternoon Team!

Tiger Cubs: Theme of the Week: Agility. Life Lesson of the week: Learn

White &Yellow Belts: Complete first stripes and begin to earn your second belt stripes!

Green Belts: Finish earning your form stripe and begin working on your sparring stripe for knowing sparring blocks and being able to apply in your sparring rounds along with the sparring flow!

Blue to Red Belts: Finish earning your form stripe, spar at least 2 rounds each class, and your board break of the week: Side Kick/Spin Side kick

Black Belts: Finish earning your form stripe, spar at least 2 each class, Black Belt Flow # 1 and # 2 and # 3, and Spin Side kick break.

Our next Belt Exams are taking place Oct 6. Mark your calendars and let's get ready! * Black Belts, we will be sending out Testing Invitations next week. Remember that for black belts, the deadline to register for testing is Monday, Sept 18 (2 weeks away) due to needing to order your embroidered black belts. Also, try to schedule your private lesson for one day this week or next.

Upcoming Events

9.22 Swords Class 6:30 pm
9.29 Bo Staff Class 6:30 pm
10.5 Testing White-Green

10.6 Testing Blue- Black

10.13 Instructor Class and late test

11.11 District tournament..Woodstock GA

If you missed it here is the highlight reel

See You on the Mat!

2228 Holly Springs Pkwy Canton, GA 30115
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