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Thanksgiving at Tiger Rock

Hello TR Families!

Another amazing week in the books. Thanks so much to everyone who rocked classes last week and made it to our Christmas sale. If you are out of town for Thanksgiving enjoy your break and we can’t wait to see you back on the mat!! If you are in town we want to see you!

Monday and Tuesday regular class schedule.

Tuesday at 10 am we are having a Black Belt Workout for all Black Belts ages 11 and up.

Wednesday we are having special Thanksgiving eve classes

5 Cubs

6 All Juniors

7 Youth and Adults

Thursday-Saturday Closed Enjoy the holiday!!

Testing invites will be sent out this week.


December 8th- Testing held at Tiger Rock

5 Junior White-Green Belts

6 Junior Blue-Red Belts

7 All Youth and Adults

December 11th

5 All Tiger Cubs

Goals of the week:

Tiger Cubs: Theme of the Week: SPEED. Life Lesson of the week: LEARN *earning a stripe this week!

White &Yellow Belts: After earning R15E & form stripe, you may now earn ONE-STEPS. Home Practice vid: https://youtu.be/cPCmBknoAqA 
Green Belts: After earning R15E & FORM stripe, you may now earn BOARDS and sparring stripes.

Blue to Red Belts: After earning R15E & FORM stripe, you may now earn BOARDS and sparring stripes

Black Belts: Earn your FORMS, Sparring, and boards stripes


Upcoming Events

11/22/17 Special Class times 5 Cubs 6 Juniors 7 Youth and Adults

11/23-11/25 Closed for thanksgiving

12/1/17 Tournament Champions Picture and Makeup Pictures 6:30
12/2/17 Holly Springs Christmas Parade

12/8/17 Testing

12/9/17 Holiday Banquet

In case you missed our highlight reel

See You on the Mat!


2228 Holly Springs Pkwy Canton, GA 30115


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